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Heavy Duty Elastrator Castration Tail Docking Livestock Dogs

Place a rubber ring on the prongs of the elastrator. Because castrating is usually a surgical procedure, proper sanitation is essential. Clean all instruments and soak them (including elastrator bands) in a disinfectant (chlorhexidine) for at least 10 minutes before beginning the procedure. Dip or soak the instruments in chlorhexidine between each castration.

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Elastration is simply banding the body part ( scrotum or tail) until it drops off. This method is favored for its simplicity, low cost, and minimal training requirements. To use, insert the T-clip that is affixed to each band into the bander's slotted end, stretch the band around the scrota Quick and easy bloodless castration. 2016-03-23 · Bloodless Band Castrators.

Castration bands

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These can be used as cattle castration bands or goat castration   Using these castration bands in conjunction with castration pliers, try an easy method of castration for animals. Product features: Effective castration; Strong and  Development and Field Validation of Lidocaine-Loaded Castration Bands for Bovine Pain Mitigation.

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Castration bands

TOP SELLER. Ideally, banding goats is a two-person job. One restrains the goat, and the other performs the castration. The band should be placed over the prongs of the elastrator. Having grooves in the prongs helps keep the band in place.

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